TrafficPatternsXD Crosswalk

Enhanced Stamped Asphalt Surfacing

TrafficPatternsXD™ is an extremely durable preformed thermoplastic material that incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance.

When installed using Streetheat™ asphalt reheating technology, TrafficPatternsXD™ forms a powerful bond with asphalt pavement. The material is heated to allow proper embedment of the anti-skid elements and stamped with a StreetPrint template into the top layer of the asphalt.


Product Features

TrafficPatternsXD™ Stamped Asphalt Surfacing System:

  • Improve traffic safety especially at intersections and multi-use paths.

  • Enhance visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Promote and/or revitalize community image and pride.

  • Channel pedestrians across busy commercial parking areas.


TrafficPatternsXD™ is:


  • Stands up to extreme use and weather.

  • TrafficPatternsXD™ is stamped asphalt. So it is applied to the greater asphalt pavement and does not disrupt the surface. This eliminates the risk of heaving and settlement and ensures a pedestrian-friendly surface.


  • TrafficPatternsXD™ makes economic sense.

  • Fast and efficient stamped asphalt installation means minimal traffic disruption.

  • Durability means low maintenance.

  • Repairs can be made with minimal disruption.


  • TrafficPatternsXD™ is road-safe.

  • Smooth and trip-hazard free.

  • Skid and slip resistant.



TrafficPatternsXD™, offers fast and efficient installation, skid and slip resistance, and unprecedented wear resistance and minimal maintenance.

Performance-based features:

Fast Installation:

1. The sheets of material are positioned on the non-stamped asphalt surface.

2. The material is heated until molten.

3. *Corundum is dispersed liberally across the material surface to embed the anti-skid elements while material sets.

4. A 3/8” grid stamps a pattern into the material surface and gently through to the top layer of the asphalt.

5. The finished product is a brick-like, high-performance crosswalk, built to last and look great; an economic investment in safety.

*(High Skid/Slip Resistant: The disbursement of corundum while the material is hot allows the anti-skid properties to embed properly into the material as it sets).


Enhanced Durability:

  • Designed for high-traffic crosswalks and traffic calming surfaces

  • Stands up to extreme use and wear

  • Provides optimum wear in adverse conditions

  • Snowplow friendly


Enhanced Durability:

  • Designed for high-traffic crosswalks and traffic calming surfaces

  • Stands up to extreme use and wear

  • Provides optimum wear in adverse conditions

  • Snowplow friendly


Accessibility: Although the material is stamped to create the look of bricks, it does not leave a bumpy, rigid feel as with pavers. The installation of TrafficPatternsXD™ results in a pedestrian and wheelchair-friendly surface.


Eliminates the maintenance and safety concerns of loose pavers

Repairs can be made quickly with minimal traffic disruption

Colors & Patterns

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Slate

Random Stone

Random Stone

Offset Brick

stndard herringbone


standard tile

Standard Tile

offset tile

Offset Tile

Soldier Course

Soldier Course

Stacked brick@

Stacked Brick

Texas Cobble

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