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Your solution for cooler pavement

Promote Sustainable Urban Environments
Harness the Solar-Reflective Benefits of StreetBondSR

StreetBondSR™ LEED® Compliant Coatings – have solar reflective characteristics and facilitate sustainable hardscape design. It reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect by minimizing the amount of solar energy absorbed by asphalt pavement surfaces such as parking lots and playgrounds. Reducing the Heat Island Effect helps minimize the impact on micro-climate through the use of asphalt hardscape surfacing material with high solar reflectance, and can contribute to project LEED® credits.

Pavement surfaces are a leading cause of Urban Heat Island Effect contributing roughly 30-40% of the urban footprint. Reducing Heat Island Effect lowers energy consumption and can cut air conditioning bills up to 33%, Not to mention, cooler pavements mean safer more comfortable pavements as well.


LEED® Credits

The use of StreetBondSR can contribute LEED® credits under the following categories:

Sustainable Sites (SSc7.1) – Heat Island Effect (Non-Roof) 

Green Neighborhood Development – Green Infrastructure & Buildings – Heat Island Reduction (GIB Credit 9) 

One credit can be realized through the use of surface materials which have a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 29 or higher applied to at least 50% of the sites total hardscape including parking lots, roads, sidewalks and courtyards.


Product Features


  • Solar Reflective – StreetbondSR solar reflective coatings facilitate Urban Heat Island mitigation by reducing the amount of solar energy absorbed by pavement

  • Durability & Longevity  StreetBondSR coatings are tough enough to withstand traffic wear, highly resistant to water damage and have superior adhesion characteristics.

  • Low Maintenance – StreetbondSR has little to no maintenance

  • Flexible  StreetBondSR coatings work with the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and will not peel, delaminate or crack.

  • Environmentally Responsible  StreetBondSR coatings help contribute to a healthy environment. They are non-toxic, fully recyclable and water-based. They have very low volatile organic content (VOC).

  • Chemical Resistant  StreetBondSR coatings are resistant to damage and deterioration when exposed to fuel, engine oil and de-icing agents.

  • Color Stable  StreetBondSR coatings incorporate UV stable pigments that are fade-resistant when exposed to harsh sunlight.

  • Slip & Skid Resistant  StreetBondSR coatings have excellent friction properties resulting in safe slip- and skid-resistant coloured asphalt surfaces that exceed all government regulated vehicle skid resistance requirements.


  • Crosswalks

  • Parking lots

  • Pedestrian areas

  • Driveways

  • Courtyards

  • Streetscapes

More StreetBond Applications

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Langley Events Centre StreetBond Installation

Designed by artists Nəq̓ ɑɬc̓ i (Drew Atkins) and Miməwqθelət (Elinor Atkins) of k’wy’i’y’e (Spring Salmon Studio), the plaza features a circular motif gathering space portraying The Circle of Life. This installation was creating using Streetbond coating systems.

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c̓əsqənelə Elementary Labyrinth

c̓əsqənelə Elementary Labyrinth

Labyrinth’s have grown in popularity across Canada in recent years. This stand-out Labyrinth installed by Square One at the new c̓əsqənelə Elementary School in Maple Ridge is our most recent labyrinth…

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Victoria Harbour Walkway StreetBond

Victoria Harbour Walkway

We recently renovated the David Foster Walkway in Victoria BC Canada. The updated walkway includes High Visibility ‘Safety Blue’ StreetBond Coatings. The Pathway connects residents and visitors with key…

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