Alexandra Greenway Public Art Installation

'From Water to Earth' Public Art Installation
by: The Bagua Artist Association

The Alexandra Greenway in Richmond, BC incorporated Public artwork commissioned by the City of Richmond. The concept for the Alexandra Greenway project is to celebrate the rich hydrology and landscape of Richmond, and to provide appealing, long lasting visual aesthetic.

The artwork illustrates Richmond’s bog and slough natural habitat in a Chinese ornamental-pattern style. The symmetrical emblem comprises local species such as dragonflies, turtle, labrador tea, and bog laurel that inhabit the remnants of sloughs in this neighborhood. The wavy outline is an abstract reference to water, the foundation of where Richmond emerged to be. The artwork intends to raise awareness of the significance of Richmond’s bog ecosystem and its biodiversity.

Its design sought inspiration from traditional Chinese ornamental patterns. The artist also took reference from lattice windows in classical Chinese gardens. The repeating emblems are connected by intertwining vines to create a continuous flow that compliments the use of this multipurpose pathway. In Feng Shui, water is the attribute of prosperity, and earth is the attribute of stability and support. Therefore, the artwork carries good wishes of prosperity and stability to the public, facilities, and shops in nearby zones.

DuraTherm Decorative Asphalt: 

DuraTherm® is a design flexible and durable preformed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt pavement using StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology. The process of inlaying DuraTherm® into asphalt protects it from wear and ensures that it retains its bold look for years.

Location: Alexandra Greenway, Richmond BC, Canada
Creators: Square One Paving & The Bagua Artist Association
Products: DuraTherm Thermoplastic
Installation Date: Fall 2021
Materials supplied by: HUB Surface Systems

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